Micronutrients: Eating Vitamin C For All your Scurvy Problems

Essential nutrients that make up a perfect diet can be divided into macro and micronutrients. This is due to the difference of amount you’re supposed to intake from each category. Micronutrients shouldn’t be underestimated due to their limited intake because they play a huge role in a body’s development. Vitamin C is one such nutrient, it’s present in many vegetables and fruits and a deficiency can lead to a disease called scurvy.

Vitamin C also serves a function of helping the body absorb iron, which is why it’s highly common to observe that people suffer from scurvy as well as anemia. You can protect yourself from both these deficiencies by eating plenty of fresh greens and fruits. Often, scurvy can also be caused by a person’s inability to absorb it in the first place, no matter what they eat. Crohn’s disease is such an example and it can lead to symptoms of scurvy.

Other unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking can also deplete vitamin C levels in the body, which makes it necessary to quit so you can reduce chances of getting scurvy. A common misconception held by diabetics is that they can’t eat fruits because they contain dangerous amounts of fructose. This leads to scurvy, which is caused by self-limiting the intake. This belief is false because most fruits are actually more diabetic-friendly than other kinds of foods. In the case they would not prefer fruit at all; they can opt for alternatives like bell peppers.

Beer does contain high amounts of vitamin C, but don’t get excited because overconsumption can lead to a lack of absorption. This problem can have worsened effects like excreting more vitamin C than the actual intake. Another reason why many citizens of developed countries fall victim to scurvy is due to a scarcity of fresh produce. Countries were residents don’t face a higher risk of developing scurvy can make it voluntary for manufacturers to add vitamin C to their products. If you think you know it all, try acing the quiz about scurvy.

You can find out more ways to reduce chances of getting scurvy by visiting the HealthIQ website.